WOM - World Of Mind - Brussels

Published on 3 April 2023 at 21:38

WOM - World Of Mind, a new museum all about illusion, recently opened in Tour & Taxis, Brussels. 

I got the chance to visit WOM during opening weekend.

This colorful museum of 1500m² is dedicated to the five senses and illusions.

During your visit you get the chance to exercise your senses and challenge your brain.

The museum presents more than 80 illusions and throughout your visit you'll see short videos of neurologist Steven Laureys explaining these illusions to his daughter. 

Some of these illusions are well known illusions such as the mirror room , the ames Room or the vortex tunnel but WOM also has some experiences never seen before in Belgium. 

Via QR-codes you can get a detailed explanation of every experience. These explanations are available in French, Dutch and English so even if you're not from Belgium you can still learn more about the science behind every experience.

Tickets can be purchased through their website:





Tour & Taxis

Shed 4 bis

1000 Bruxelles

Last updated on: 3 April 2023

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